WooCommerce Order Status – How it works

What is a WooCommerce Order Status? The WooCommerce Order Status is a term that represents the state of an order in this famous WordPress plugin that powers millions of websites. In a few words, the order statuses exist to inform your customer when they will receive what they paid for. And for store administrators, this information helps to manage the products stock and guide the order fulfillment process. In the image below, the order statuses that come by default in a new installation and their relationships. Default order statuses in WooCommerce As we can see, each status tells

How to increase SSH security

Introduction In this step by step, we will increase the security of the Linux server by configuring it to use encryption key authentication (public / private key), and avoiding the use of passwords to access it. We will also disable access to the root user account through ssh. How to increase SSH security Creating an Encryption Key Pair on the Client Machine First, we need to generate a key pair on your server access machine. Use the following command in a terminal (Linux the Mac), or use puttygen (generating keys in Windows). ssh-keygen -t rsa Use the default parameters

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How to build a web server

Learn how to build a web server in about 10 minutes costing only $ 5 / month. See how cheap and simple it is to build a web site hosting server with cloud computing platforms. This is not a sponsored post. The software and services mentioned here are really excellent, recognized and used worldwide. The purpose here is to share some of the knowledge and benefits gained over the years, after suffering with poor hosting and deciding to administer the web server myself. How to build a web server In this tutorial, we will use state-of-the-art open source technologies:

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